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The filter for Gard 50 water
  • The filter for Gard 50 water
  • The filter for Gard 50 water
  • The filter for Gard 50 water
  • The filter for Gard 50 water

The filter for Gard 50 water

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Filter "Gard" sostoitiz two elements: cartridge and funnel. Existence of a funnel allows you to refuse use of expensive filters jugs. The filter "Gard" is installed in a mouth of all types of PET - bottles, a glass container, canisters that it is undoubtedly very convenient at active lifestyle (tourism, a picnic, rest at the dacha, etc. ) or under any other vital circumstances: technogenic or natural disasters.

The retail chain stores of Ukraine offer the consumer of model of filters which differ only in the sizes and have standard filling in the form of mix of ion - exchange pitch (60% of weight of filling) and absorbent carbon (40% of weight of filling) in a cartridge. Such the filter, except rigidity salts, bring salts, necessary for an organism, and minerals out of water, bringing it to a condition of distillate ("dead" water).

The filter "Gard", is a novelty and provides the classical three - stage scheme of a filtration: consecutive carrying out mechanical, chemical, organic water purification at its passing chereztseolit, a titanic disk and absorbent carbon.

Zeolite - unique natural material, a strong sorbent, naturkamen with a set of a time, channels, caves with a huge internal surface which 10 grams correspond on the area to four football fields. The zeolite modified by us attracts strong electrostatic fields mechanical impurity (sand, silt, a rust), organic (nitrites, nitrates, sulfates), carries out preliminary absorption of chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, oil products and deletes rigidity salts. Zeolite has unique ion - exchange ability, purifies the water from radionuclides and radioisotopes consumed in the locations of nuclear power plants.

Titanic "Gard" of a diskfiltr at the expense of extensively branched finely porous internal spongy structure carries out final clarification of water from firm inclusions, chlorine, organic compounds, rigidity salts. Works by the principle of intellectual selection of minerals necessary for a human body, sozdayetprintsip "water of life". The titanic disk reduces the content of heavy metals and radionuclides in the filtered water that is especially necessary in places of the increased radiological danger.

Activated an ugolna the final stage of water purification eliminates an unpleasant smell, foreign smack, chromaticity and provides final absorption of the residual dissolved gases and organic compounds.

The constant action works! ! !

Pokupatelpoluchayet new filtrv a case of sending 5 titanic disks taken from the fulfilled filters to the address specified on packing with the return contact phone. It is possible to choose desirable modification, having made a mark in an envelope: (for example - "Gard 50").


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 21.10.2021

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